Draught Proofing

The problems most likely to be encountered with Traditional Timber Sashes are sticking, rattling and draughts.

Sash Windows are made in such a way that they can be easily dismantled for Repair, Overhaul or even still Upgrade.

Sash & Case Windows depend upon clearance gaps to allow them to move up and down, but the gaps can allow draughts, dirt and noise to enter the room. Friction between Timbers can also jam or hinder Window movement.

The Draught-proof system we install will allow the Windows to move freely and effortlessly whilst creating a perfect seal against the elements and reduce noise and rattling. This means less hot air going out and less cold coming in, thus reducing uncomfortable draughts.

The Window is de-assembled and the Sashes removed for machining to hold the Nylon Pile Brush Carrier. The correct thickness of Pile Brushes are inserted and secured at the Top, Sides, Middle and Bottom Rail Areas of the Sashes. The Seals are almost invisible due to the position of the carriers. This method has been approved by Local Authority Conservation Officers.

Meeting Rails are altered to fit correctly to create the perfect seal. Putty to the Sashes will be replaced whilst also removing any Build-Up of Old Paint which may hinder movement. Weights are checked and adjusted to make sure the Windows are correctly balanced and also Re-roped with White Heavy Duty breaking Strain Nylon Sash Cord.

The Sashes are now Re-Installed along with New Timber Parting Beads, which also carry Pile Brush, and Timber Baton Rods can be replaced if also requested, all of which are Primed and ready for a Painted Top Coat Finish.

The end result being a Window that is virtually Draught-Proof, easy to use and much quieter giving you much more pleasure from your existing Windows.

The benefit of the above methods will normally repay themselves within the first year or so on saving on fuel bills.

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